Antoine Marpaux, France Ambassodor

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Occupation: audiologist

Home: Doncourt, Lorraine, FRANCE

BIO: I’m a 40 years old french man. I was born in a mountain area and i practice ski very early. In 1987 I started the snowboard with my first Burton Air and it was a great decision. I ride the best place in Europe and meet a lot of fun and crazy people. i have 2 boys of 6 & 9, a wife and a nice house, I made my 40 years crises and decide to come back in the game. I’m back on the Snow tracks and what could be a better gun to buy than an Evolve carbon series and continue to ride when there s no more snow…

How/when/where did you first learn about Evolve Skateboards: the first time I saw an evolve, it was a youtube video about an australian rider who was carving hard 5mn in a street with laptop on her pintail ! it was my first contact with the endless wave and i decided to buy my first board.

Boards owned: carbon AT/street gen1 and bamboo 2 street

What do you love about them? this board is easy to ride and you can have fun by many any way, you want to carve hard, try to upgrade your max speed, dancing, dirty track, in the traffic just chill with your board…I love these boards because they give me the same sensation of freedom than my snowboard, and there is no price for riding overtime and everywhere.

Favourite Place to Ride: the place where i grow : the Vosges (middle mountain in east of France) and Paris for the beautiful place and amazing crew!

Favourite Quote: behind me, the silent slightly closed my wake

GOOGLE+: acv Rider
YOUTUBE: acv Rider
VIMEO: acv Rider


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