Pierre “Samo” Samolany

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Name: SAMO (Pierre Samolany)

Occupation: Casting Director / Assistant Director / Drummer

Home: Paris - France

I’ve grown up in the suburbs of Paris. I spent all my childhood in the skateparks, trying hard to do as much tricks as i could ! As a teenager i was extremely influenced by the skate punk culture and the riding lifestyle.

Wakeboard, surf, snowboard, rollerskates... I’m in for all the good rides.

Today at 31 years old, i love skating so much that it became essential for me. I practice everyday different styles of skateboarding : Street, Park, Cruising, Downhill, Pumping (LDP), Carving, Slalom and E-skating today, more than ever.

In June 2016, i was extremely proud to win the first Evolve World Cup.

I spend hours and hours watching Extreme Sports videos.
People surpassing themselves are a real source of inspiration for me and it makes me want to be better and better at my sport.

I’m also very found of music. I’ve been the drummer of Oz One, a ska punk band since i’m fifteen years old. We’ve played in front of a large audience in Russia, across all Europe, Quebec and Canada .

How/when/where did you first learn about Evolve Skateboards:
I heard about Evolve in 2013 when i met William from RideMore Company (Evolve France). I tried the first Evolve board at that time and i’ve been a real fan of the brand since then ! Thank you William !

What do you love about them?

I love the Evolve Skateboards because they are the best in the market in term of design and power. With my GT, I discovered a new amazing way to explore Paris – my dream of riding in the Butte Montmartre came true!

Boards owned:

Gen1 Snubnose 
Carbon Street
Carbon GT 2-in-1


Favourite Place to Ride:

Paris trafic jam, My playground is bigger than ever !

Favourite Quote:

Skateboarding everyday keeps the doctor away

Social Media links
My Facebook Profile:  

My Band Youtube profile:  Oz One


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April Vaughan, Australia Ambassador
Justin Morgan, USA Ambassador


Justin Morgan, USA Ambassador


Joe Dubya (SoCal Legend)
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