June 20, 2015

Tas Pappas

Occupation: Pro skateboarder

Home: Melbourne

BIO: See Wikipedia profile for detailed description.

Pappas won the 1996 World Championships skateboard contest over Tony Hawk that led to his world number-one ranking—he won with a broken rib sustained earlier in the contest. Pappas explained that he was "humbled" soon afterward, as he subsequently broke his back.[7] Both the Pappas brothers then found that they were unable to gain favour with the American skateboard industry due to their attitudes, which were considered abrasive and wild. Australian filmmaker Eddie Martin, who knew the Pappas brothers as teenagers skateboarding at Prahran skate park, explained in 2014: "They’re [Pappas brothers] very Australian characters. They were so raw and full of passion. They just went over there and stuck it to them. 


How/when/where did you first learn about Evolve Skateboards: I first rode 1 when i was filming the ending of my documentary "ALL THIS MAYHEM " and i loved it.

Boards owned: Gen1 Pintail

What do you love about them? I love the freedom you feel as you're flying around the streets effortlessly, and how free flowing the trucks feel. Favorite Place to Ride: Through the city streets during peak hr cutting through traffic

Favorite Quote: ‘He who is with out sin shall cast the 1st stone’ and ‘Barnes it do death’.