October 20, 2017


October 2017 (New Zealand)

With Christmas just around the corner, our team has been working hard to stock up our warehouse for the holidays. Our customer support team has been cranking out massive orders and QC'ing new boards all day long! The shelves are packed and we're ready to cruise into the holidays



We've dropped the price on our Bamboo Series 'ONE' board!

With newly upgraded motors, this bamboo board has old school characteristics of both the Pintail and Snubnose designs with an added kicktail in the rear of the board with a medium flex allowing for a smooth ride. The Evolve ONE is our lightest board ever and is a great board for those wanting something that is portable yet packed with performance and a ride to match!

Now priced at $999, it's the perfect board for those who want to experience what Evolve has to offer! Click here to learn more about the ONE board.     


The new Evolve/ABEC 11 F1 wheels have arrived!

Evolve has teamed up with Abec 11 to bring to the community a bad ass electric skateboard wheel called F1!  This wheel is BIG and JUICY as it's made from Abec 11’s famous super soft Reflex Formula 74a. It feels like butter underfoot when riding! These wheels will unlock faster top speeds due to the larger wheel diameter, this wheel simply loves to roll and roll!
Available now for orders within Australia.
For more details including specs and pricing, click here.


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The Auckland Evolve Rider's group met up for a ride on Saturday, October 14. Many new faces came out to enjoy the day! For updates on future events and group rides, please join our Facebook group by clicking here.

Did you know?

Evolve has a dedicated video series with how-to tips, suggestions around using, caring for and fixing your Evolve board. These videos can be a massive help when looking to change setups or learn new riding skills. Click the video below to start watching!

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October 04, 2017


October 2017 (Global)

When you buy an Evolve product, you are getting more than just an electric skateboard. You’re buying into a brand with a passionate team that is committed to community. 

We are continuously focused on innovation, customer service, and after-sales support. From riders groups around the world to product advancements and partnerships, we are committed to evolving the esk8 community.

Join us and #getenvolved.

Product News
The Evolve/ABEC 11 107mm wheels are nearly here!

Evolve has partnered with ABEC to create the best wheel on market... We used ABEC's special reflex formula 74a and the result is a super soft wheel that feels like butter underfoot! 

We have placed a massive order of these wheels and they are on the way to selected distributers now. We will be accepting orders soon so stay tuned for more information.
The Evolve Mini Skate Van

Mike Howard shared his story with us, along with some images of his epic skate van! 
"My nephew, Jimmy transformed my MINI panel van to a SK8board transporting vehicle! The back contains 2x racks for 4 boards, thus the number plate SKA 844.

I am a 63 yr old maths teacher at an Adelaide Private School. I took an interest in electric skateboarding when I saw a bloke on a Fiik one day about 5 years ago. I had to have one!

Twenty-three boards later, I still buy them! Ten of my 23 boards have been Evolve. I currently have the Carbon GT {street}, Bamboo GTX {AT} and 3 x Bamboo Gen 2 { 2 x street and 1 x AT}. Whilst I like the GT and GTX, I have always loved the Bamboos and thus the reason I still have three of them. They are my favourite
I ride around Linear Park in Adelaide which follows the River Torrens in the city, the tracks at the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide and Victoria Park which is the venue for the Adelaide V8 car races. I particularly like the Fleurieu tracks as they are wide, have varying terrain and often follow the Southern Ocean so it is very picturesque.

I have only just recently joined a group of riders in SA and look forward to riding with them soon."

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Pets That Shred

We asked you to send us pictures of your pets that shred, and the results were pawsitively cool.


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August 16, 2017


August 2017 (New Zealand)

The GTX has landed!

Brothers Courtney and Hiram rocking the new GTX boards at Boardertown. Thanks guys for sharing this awesome picture!

The new Evolve 97mm wheels have arrived in NZ! 

Click here to grab some now!

Featuring Auckland rider Owen de Mooy

'I would have to agree with Brian’s comments in the last Evolve Insider, since getting my board I haven’t stopped smiling. I’m always trying to find ways to get out and ride. I recently got some Shred Lights for the board which means I can now head out for rides at night- a whole other level of fun.'

Full name

Owen de Mooy
37 years young

What is your occupation? 
Solution Advisor for Datacom. Yes, I work with Brian Lomas (it’s a small world!)

Skating history/how did you find out about Evolve? 
I was never a skater when I was younger, in fact, I can count the number of times I tried it, and the resulting scrapes and bruises from those attempts. 

I needed to find something to help with my work commute, I had looked at a few options, e-bikes, and e-scooters but nothing really wow'ed me. I didn’t want to spend a heap of coin on something I was only going to use for my daily commute. So after several late nights Googling, watching videos I finally found Evolve and it ticked pretty much all my criteria. I was glad that O could get a demo ride at BoarderTown, which is close to my work, from the very first moment I pulled the trigger I was hooked!

What is your favorite Evolve product? 
I love my Evolve Bamboo GT with AT wheels but the range of the carbon really interested me. I think the GTX would be the perfect mix!

What do you primarily use the board for? 
I bought it mainly to help with the work commute, but I haven’t been in the office a lot lately… so I’ve found myself making any excuse to get out and ride. 

Where is your favorite place and ride and why? 
Anywhere, and everywhere… I love riding it around town, to the office, out to meetings. The reactions you get are awesome! I have recently taken it on some longer runs out in the country which has been awesome too. I can’t think of a place I wouldn’t want to ride my board. 

What do you enjoy about being in the Auckland Riders group? 
I hadn’t even heard of the group until I bumped into Brian in the lift at work with my board in hand, he mentioned I should check the group out and join, which I did. I’ve only attended one meet up so far, but it’s been great, everyone is super awesome and helpful. I’m looking forward to more events and sharing our experiences. 

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August 09, 2017


August 2017

August is all about family.

From World Cup to riders groups in cities around the world, Evolve riders are everywhere. As our family grows and changes, we want to keep you up to date on what's happening in our community.

That's why we developed Evolve Insider, delivered straight to your inbox on the first Wednesday of every month. We promise to only feature the best of the best- updates from Evolve HQ, featured riders and locations, product updates, staff highlights, & customisations. Click here to subscribe. 

Meet this month’s featured rider, New Zealander Brian Lomas! 


12 at heart, 49 on the outside


Auckland, New Zealand


I’ve done a few different things but right now…I’m a Learning and Development Advisor for Datacom (an IT company).

Q: How did you find out about Evolve?

A: In January 2017 I was looking at different ways to change and improve my work commute. I wanted to stop using my car, make better use of public transport and solve the last mile transportation problem. Amongst a bunch of other electric powered stuff that I looked into, I discovered electric skateboards. 

As an ex-skateboarder these caught my interest and the more I looked, the more videos I watched of people riding them, the more I wanted to try them out. I looked into what brands were around, spent a bunch of time reading reviews, comparing specifications and generally trying to weed out the good from the bad and finally arrived at Evolve’s doorstep. 

But…before making a $2k+ purchase decision that would fundamentally change my commute and need the family’s seal of approval, I had to ride a board to be sure. As luck would have it Jeff and Nick visited New Zealand in late February and whilst here organised a demo at Albert Park in Auckland. So, I took my kids with me to find out if the boards were really as awesome as I thought. 

Shortly after this the Carbon GT was made available on the New Zealand Evolve website… I got capex signoff, my board arrived and I started riding. I quickly discovered that although I had primarily planned to use the board for my work commute, the reality was that I quickly started riding it whenever I could especially because I could change the wheels to suit the ride, location, terrain etc. Why walk to the bottle store to get supplies when you can ride right?!?! 

Q: What is your favourite Evolve product? 

A: That is a tough question. My Carbon GT is awesome because it makes commuting a dream, looks incredible and has the power, range and versatility that I want. That said, I really like the idea of owning a flexible board that is more responsive when carving, sliding, etc. and for this I think either the One which I have tried or the new GTX, which I would love to try, would do the trick.

Q: What do you primarily use the board for

A: Commuting to and from work. It sounds dull but it is such a cool way to start and end each working day!

Q: Where is your favourite place and ride and why?

A: I love riding along the Auckland waterfront. Being beside the sea means you get an amazing view as well as an awesome ride. I also meet people along the way who ask questions about the board. It is a great opportunity to introduce them to the goodness that is Evolve! 

Q: Are you a part of any riders groups?

A: I’m pretty sure I was the first member of The Official Auckland Evolve Riders Group (on Facebook anyway!). It is a great group and we have a steadily growing community of riders that have turned up for group rides (and a beverage or two). 

It is a slight exaggeration (but not by much!) that since discovering eboards, Evolve and the endless wave…I haven’t been able to stop smiling and riding. My family hassle me a fair bit about my new obsession and even surprised me by creating an Evolve branded cake for my 49th birthday a couple of weeks back. I’ve managed to get both my kids and wife on my Carbon GT and the long term plan is to get all of them riding. I might need to get another board or two though ;-)


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Product Updates

  • Our low-profile and light-weight helmets are now in black. Sizing is adjustable and is controlled by a dial at the back of the helmet.
  • Evolve elbow and knee pads are available now!

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