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August 2017 (New Zealand)

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The GTX has landed!

Brothers Courtney and Hiram rocking the new GTX boards at Boardertown. Thanks guys for sharing this awesome picture!

The new Evolve 97mm wheels have arrived in NZ! 

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Featuring Auckland rider Owen de Mooy

'I would have to agree with Brian’s comments in the last Evolve Insider, since getting my board I haven’t stopped smiling. I’m always trying to find ways to get out and ride. I recently got some Shred Lights for the board which means I can now head out for rides at night- a whole other level of fun.'

Full name

Owen de Mooy
37 years young

What is your occupation? 
Solution Advisor for Datacom. Yes, I work with Brian Lomas (it’s a small world!)

Skating history/how did you find out about Evolve? 
I was never a skater when I was younger, in fact, I can count the number of times I tried it, and the resulting scrapes and bruises from those attempts. 

I needed to find something to help with my work commute, I had looked at a few options, e-bikes, and e-scooters but nothing really wow'ed me. I didn’t want to spend a heap of coin on something I was only going to use for my daily commute. So after several late nights Googling, watching videos I finally found Evolve and it ticked pretty much all my criteria. I was glad that O could get a demo ride at BoarderTown, which is close to my work, from the very first moment I pulled the trigger I was hooked!

What is your favorite Evolve product? 
I love my Evolve Bamboo GT with AT wheels but the range of the carbon really interested me. I think the GTX would be the perfect mix!

What do you primarily use the board for? 
I bought it mainly to help with the work commute, but I haven’t been in the office a lot lately… so I’ve found myself making any excuse to get out and ride. 

Where is your favorite place and ride and why? 
Anywhere, and everywhere… I love riding it around town, to the office, out to meetings. The reactions you get are awesome! I have recently taken it on some longer runs out in the country which has been awesome too. I can’t think of a place I wouldn’t want to ride my board. 

What do you enjoy about being in the Auckland Riders group? 
I hadn’t even heard of the group until I bumped into Brian in the lift at work with my board in hand, he mentioned I should check the group out and join, which I did. I’ve only attended one meet up so far, but it’s been great, everyone is super awesome and helpful. I’m looking forward to more events and sharing our experiences. 

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