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Evolve Insider New Zealand (November)

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With so many presents to deliver around the world, we know Santa needs to depend on something with speed and power when his reindeer need a rest. This insanely awesome carving machine is sure to provide the versatility he needs to maneuver those steep driveways, tight turns, and long hauls!

Nice choice St. Nicholas!

To celebrate and thank our customers during this holiday season, we're giving away a free shirt & cap with every board purchase!

Are you keen to try an Evolve Electric Skateboard?

Boardertown has partnered with us as an official retailer and have select boards available for demo at Auckland and Queenstown stores.

Call on 0800 4 BTOWN or contact Bordertown to book a demo today.

Tim from Bordertown was keen to share his experience with Evolve.

Q: How many stores do you have?
A: 3 stores, plus a brand new store that just opened in Christchurch!

Q: What Evolve products do you range in store?
A: We stock the entire range of GT models (Bamboo, Carbon and GTX), the ONE Board and accessories.

Q: Why did you choose to range Evolve?
A: To be fair I was skeptical to start but after researching the brand and looking at the community that Evolve was built on I was confident that Evolve would go well.  We are really excited about Evolve and the constant evolution of the range of boards.

Q: What feedback do you get from your customers (about Evolve Products)?
A: It has surprised me how passionate Evolve riders are. They are passionate about their boards and brand and are keen to grow the community. We invest in skateboarding and snowboarding and want to see the communities grow and Evolve is on board with that!

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The Auckland Evolve Rider's group met up for a ride on Friday, November 11. The 'NIGHT RIDE' had a rad turn out with 15 riders coming out. Thanks to everyone who came out!

For updates on future events and group rides, please join our Facebook group by clicking here.

Special thanks to Brian Lomas for his work in growing the NZ community. Nice work Brian & crew!
Click below to see Kate, Amy & Harlow's weekend skate in Newmarket, Auckland. Kate reached out to us in October wishing to buy a Bamboo GT. Thanks for your support Kate & crew! 

We love seeing rider content so please keep it coming!
Kate Smith - NZ

#evolveriders for your chance to be featured!

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