November 20, 2017

How To Slide Your Board - Evolve Skateboards Weekly Ep. 37

In this weeks episode we will give you some tips and trick on how to slide your board. Since the release of our Pro Tips video a few months back, we have got a number of questions around the best way to slide an Evolve skateboard.

Sliding an electric skateboard can be a little different to sliding a normal skateboard or longboard as you have direct control over your speed via a remote and don't necessarily have to be going downhill in order to pick up the speed you need for performing a slide.

In terms of Evolve skateboard tricks - this is one of the most popular. In this video Justin, Nick and Kayne will take you through the steps needed to perform a slide on your board and also cover important aspects such as wheel choice, truck setup and safety gear. Sliding an electric longboard properly does require practice to get right, so make sure you take plenty of time to work on it. The first time you do manage to slide tends to be something you remember :-)

There are many videos on how to slide your longboard but as mentioned, an electric longboard is a little different due to throttle and braking control. This video covers the techniques need to achieve a great slide!