May 12, 2017

Message from Jeff - We Want You!

Hi guys. Here's a quick message from Jeff at Evolve. We are really excited to be bringing you a new video content series about all things Evolve and the Evolve worldwide community.

It's going to feature a whole bunch of different content from board customizations and challenges to Evolve adventures, community events, the Evolve Riders World Cup 2017 and heaps more. 

But we also want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions for video content that you would like to see us cover and we will try and make it happen. Also, if you have any Evolve group ride videos, send us the Youtube link via the details below so we can have a look! If we feature it on our social media channels, you could win an Evolve pack!

To submit a video please use this form:

Make sure to use the hashtag #evolveriders somewhere in your video or in your post.

Have fun but remember safety first!