November 20, 2017

Street Wheels Compared - Evolve Skateboards Weekly Ep. 36

This week it's a variety of street wheels compared. We will take you through the various street wheel options available for your Evolve Skateboard, explaining the features of each and help determine which is the best skateboard wheel for you!

But before we go any further - its time to announce the **WINNER** of the ABEC11 + Evolve 107s! And the winner is LACHLAN CALLINAN!

Congrats!!! We will be in touch shortly to get your delivery details.

When looking at street wheels for your electric skateboard there are a number of aspects to look at including the size, durometer and wheel features.

Size is important in determining the acceleration and top speed. Generally the smaller the wheel, the faster the acceleration but the lower the top speed. With larger wheels, you give up some acceleration and braking power but have a better top speed.

Durometer is a measure of the wheels hardness. It is a 100 point scale with the higher the number, the harder the wheel. A softer wheel will give you more grip and more comfortable ride whereas a harder wheel will give you a faster, firmer ride.

Amongst the skateboard wheels compared, are:

// Kegel Orangatang Orange - 80mm, 80A
// Kegel Orangatang Purple - 80mm, 83A
// The ABEC11 Flywheel - 83/90/97mm, 75A
// Evolve GTs - 83mm, 76A or 82A
// Evolve 97 Stone Grounds - 97mm, 76A
// ABEC11+Evolve F1s - 107mm, 74A