May 12, 2017

Wheel Customization - Evolve Weekly Ep. 10

This week we bring you part 2 of our Board Customization series, with a focus on Wheel Customizations! There are heaps of wheel options on the Evolve skateboards so we thought we would take you through some of them. Wheel customizations is one of the easiest ways for you to customize your electric skateboard!

In this video, Nick will go through some of the popular street and all terrain wheel configurations, including the ABEC and Kegel wheels. We also show you how some of these custom wheels look on the new Evolve One. Andy (our UK Ambassador) will tell you about his favourite wheel combinations and explain the difference in our all terrain tires. At the end of the episode is a quick walk through on how to paint your own hubs, so that the customization options are endless!