Introducing Evolve's latest innovation in electric skateboards, the Hadean Series. For those who want MORE. With integrated lights and a purposeful yet sleek design that blurs the boundary between skateboard and personal vehicle.


• Our fastest and most powerful board ever. It climbed the world's steepest street with ease, even with all terrain wheels!

• Customisable smart lighting - includes responsive brake lights and low battery warning features.

• Forged carbon fibre as used with supercars - even stronger than regular carbon fibre due to its higher fibre content and varied strand orientation.

• Patent pending innovative deck allowing for more performance while maintaining a low profile look, complete with cooling air vents.

The Riders Have Spoken

Performance Monster!

This thing is a wild animal. A performance monster!

- Sam Sheffer

Corsa mode is insane!

Holy heck that gets your heart going. Corsa mode is insane.

- David M

It's insane!!

Its insane, I feel like I'm going to have to learn to ride all over again

- Zak G



Unrivalled build quality & performance.



The pocket rocket, Our lightest board.